Wedding Photography by Jacob Malinski

Wakehurst Place Wedding Photographer

Wakehurst Place Wedding Photographer

Wakehurst Place has a very special space in my heart. I’ve worked there for 3 years now, not only photographing beautiful weddings, but also watching Kew’s Millenium seed bank at Wakehurst evolve. Kew’s Millenium seed bank partnership at Wakehurst Place aims to save plants world wide, focusing on plants deemed to be most at risk and most useful for the future. Corporate events held in this magnificent setting, no doubt have a huge impact on everyone who attends. Kew at Wakehurst works with partners around the world to spread knowledge and help deliver plant and habitat conservation programmes that will enrich lives. Within its 500 acre estate, there is a unique combination of plant species, and with each change of season, it never fails to take my breath away.

Please viste they website: Wakehurst Place 

 wedding photographer at Wakehurst Place


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